Badawii is all about cool colors, fun and beach vibes.

We design cool swimwear to keep our little ones safe while they enjoy an amazing day at the beach.

Our founder is a Dermatologist mum, so our priority is to make sure that all our clothes meet the highest standards in terms of sun protection so that you can be sure their skin is protected.

“We started Badawii because we couldn’t find a high quality sun protective alternative for our newborn daughter Catalina. They were all either plain looking or thick or difficult to put on a baby. We designed Badawii swimsuits to be super comfy, with cool designs and neon colors because we want kids to love them so that they want to wear them every time. That is the easiest and most effective way to ensure they are fully protected from UV rays while they are having fun at the beach” - Dr. Micaela Churruca, Dermatologist, Mom and Founder of Badawii Beachwear

conoce a nuestra fundadora

Micaela Churruca, dermatologist

Dr. Micaela Churruca is a Spanish dermatologist who lives and works in Dubai, where the brand was born. After many years of clinical practice and numerous diagnosed skin cancer cases, she has extensive experience in the field of skin cancer prevention. As a mother of 2 children, Micaela is determined to make other parents aware of the importance of sun protection in childhood through Badawii, developing fun and safe products for our children and giving advice on healthy sun exposure habits.

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